Month: January 2015

Asha’s Indian Cuisne

Food Review Their butter murg (butter chicken) is great! It has the great combination of sweet and savory spices which goes really well with the lamb kesar biryani which is spicy hot. Also, their butter and garlic naan is to fight for. The location (Villagio) is so-so. The inside tables are cozy enough to forget that you’re in a mall. Customer Service Review: Really good service, staff is very knowledgeable about their menu Price: QR 85 per person (approx.) Returning? Yes, please!

Magnolia Bakery (General Review)

Food Review: Fantastic cakes! I mean, the smell coming out from the bakery alone is enough to make you salivate. My favorite is their vanilla cake, hands down  the best one I’ve had. Their savory foods are just average at best, like pastas and stuff. The location (Dar al Salam Mall) is not really that okay as it is open and in front of Carrefour Hypermarket so it can sometimes be distracting with the passing of people and the general crowd noise. Hopefully they’ll have another shop that will open with an outside sitting area and where it’s much quieter. Customer Service Review: So-so, their service is not good nor bad. Price: QR 50 per person (approx.) Returning? Always, for a take away of their vanilla cake 🙂  

Red Lobster: General Review

Food Review: Good food. Serving and taste is consistent in all the times that we’ve been there. Their wood-grilled scallops, shrimps, and lobster tail are a must try. If you’re not a fan of grilled foods, you can opt for the steamed ones. Their clam chowder and lobster bisque are spot on. The only time that blundered was with their mussels. The second time we ordered it, it was very salty and they immediately apologized and changed it when we informed them. Customer Service Review: Their staff is nice, approachable and knowledgeable about their menu. The restaurant ambiance is relaxed and casual. Price Qr 80 per person (approx.) Returning? Definitely!

Longhorn Steakhouse at The Pearl

Food ordered: Honey Wheat Bread (free and “unlimited” according to their menu) Outlaw Ribeye (medium well) with mixed vegetables Shave Prime Ribs (well done) with fries and Ceasar’s salad Dessert Platter* – we actually didn’t get to taste this as they forgot that we ordered for this and we didn’t bother to remind the staff about it anymore   Food Review: Food would’ve tasted good if done correctly Customer Service: Poor Mr. Eats and I decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary at LHSH. We came there at 8PM, and got seated immediately. After a few minutes, our orders were taken and so the wait started. After 10 minutes, the honey wheat bread was served with, what I assumed to be, freshly made butter which were both delicious. We finished the bread and the waiter took the basket but didn’t bother to ask if we would like to have another batch. We waited for about 30 minutes before I had to ask a waiter for the status of our food and he was telling me that …

Blue at the Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa

Food Ordered Tempura Shrimp Cocktai l Chef’s Sushi Platter Dragon Roll Tiramisu Profiteroles with ice cream Food Review Hands down, the best sushi I’ve had in Qatar so far. It’s like really, really good. Especially the Dragon Roll. The place was nice and they have an outside sitting area, we just weren’t able to go there as it was summer during that time. Service was average. Customer Service: Average Price QR200 per person (approx.) Returning? Yes! Location: Aspire Zone, Sports City Street | Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa, Doha PO Box 92996, Qatar