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Longhorn Steakhouse at The Pearl

Food ordered:

Honey Wheat Bread (free and “unlimited” according to their menu)

Outlaw Ribeye (medium well) with mixed vegetablesimage

Shave Prime Ribs (well done) with fries and Ceasar’s saladimageimage

Dessert Platter* – we actually didn’t get to taste this as they forgot that we ordered for this and we didn’t bother to remind the staff about it anymore


Food Review:

Food would’ve tasted good if done correctly

Customer Service:


Mr. Eats and I decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary at LHSH. We came there at 8PM, and got seated immediately. After a few minutes, our orders were taken and so the wait started. After 10 minutes, the honey wheat bread was served with, what I assumed to be, freshly made butter which were both delicious. We finished the bread and the waiter took the basket but didn’t bother to ask if we would like to have another batch.

We waited for about 30 minutes before I had to ask a waiter for the status of our food and he was telling me that it’ll take another 4-6 minutes. Funny thing, the two table who came 10 minutes after us got served first.

Finally on the 35th minute, the steak and shaved ribs arrived. The ribeye arrived “bleeding” (not left to set so the juices will come out). When Mr. Eats started to cut the whole thing up, the meat had different doneness: some parts were rare, some were medium rare and some were medium well.  We spoke with the manager and he took back our cut up steak to cook it. Another 13 minutes have passed and the steak came back, charred and cooked well done. Pity, the meat itself was good if cooked properly (i.e. the way we wanted it).

We were still in the process of finishing the food when the waiter came and ask if he can take the plates and clean our table. My husband said not yet but he still tried to take the plate. Really horrible. Once done, we waited for the waiter to clean up.  ot surprisingly, they just passed us by. After 15 minutes, I can’t bear to stay in that place anymore that I had to flag one of them to clean up the table and bring the check. As mentioned earlier, they didn’t even remember to add our order for the dessert platter.

Okay, this review might seem harsh especially that LHSH has just recently opened and I’ll give them that. I might even give them some slack if I hadn’t experienced a really good service from Red Lobster during its first month of opening, which means that good customer service can be done even if a restaurant is new.


QR200 per person (approx.)


Maybe, but not in the near future.

Longhorn Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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