Month: February 2015

Lina’s Paris – Ezdan Mall

Food Review: After a tiring stroll in the mall, my friend and I decided to have our coffee and dessert before we go.  We decided to end our day at Lina’s.  We didn’t get to try any of their food except for their coffee and profiteroles. Let me tell you, it’s the best coffee that I’ve had in Qatar so far. Boy, they do know how to brew. Cappuccino and macchiato – amazing! You can taste a hint of caramel and earthiness in the coffee. Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream filling and chocolate sauce – the serving is good for two people (or one if you’re feeling selfish).  It was served to us and we immediately fell in love with it.  The chocolate used seems a lot but most probably they used semi-sweet chocolate since it didn’t add that much sweetness to the puff and ice cream.  Which was great because every item on the plate complimented each other. Customer Service Review: Their staff are well-dressed and very accommodating, to think that we came at …


Wagamama – Ezdan Mall

Food Review My friend and I had a yen for ramen today so we decided to eat at Wagamama in Ezdan. This is the first time that we will try their ramen and we thought that based from our previous experience with their delicious food, the ramen would be amazing. For starters, my friend and I ordered the chili squid with spicy mayonnaise and pickles and chicken gyoza. Waiting time was quite short, about 15 minutes, given that they were quite full. Both appetizers were good: the chili squid was great,not too hot to overpower your palate. The chicken gyoza was nice, too. It was firm and cooked nicely. For the main course, we both ordered ramen. She ordered beef ramen and I got the Wagamama ramen.  We were quite optimistic that this would be quite good. The ramen serving is good for two as it comes in a big bowl. Beef Ramen: The grilled beef was quite bland. There was also a lot of bean sprouts that overshadowed the noodles.  I found it okay …