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Yee Hwa Sunday Night Sushi Buffet Edition – Al Kinana, Al Nasr

Overall Review Yee Hwa is one of my favorite restaurants in Doha. It’s like the open secret of quality but affordable Japanese and Korean food. And boy, they do know their stuff. Two of their biggest sellers are the Sunday Night Sushi Buffet and Monday and Wednesday Korean BBQ Grill, starts from 6PM til 11PM.  Mr. QE and I decided (more like I decided and Mr. QE conceded) to go straight there after work. Luckily, we came in early and there were seats readily available. They served us with the usual Korean “appetizers” (not sure what they’re all called but they were yummy).  Then came the sushi buffet menu. Granted that they’re not offering all their sushi variety in this menu but this is like the nth time that I tried it and I’d still say that it’s more than enough. The sushi rolls, nigiri and sashimi are all made upon order which is nice as you know they are fresh. Make no mistake, even if it’s a buffet they still maintain a good quality in food and service.

Sushi buffet menu

First round: shrimp, salmon and tuna nigiri and salmon sashimi

Third round: California maki roll, tuna and salmon nigiri and salmon sashimi (second round was spirited away before I got to take the picture)

The whole place can hold about roughly about 80-ish people all at the same time. The interior is cozy with Asian accents (duh, of course) and the atmosphere is cheery. It can get pretty crowded at times but it still maintains a certain friendliness about it.  One of the things I like about their buffet is that, to minimize food wastage, they will charge QR5 for every piece of food you don’t finish (buffet nights only). Simple and effective rule. Speaking of which, I remember the first time my friend and I tried this buffet and we ordered too much. The attendant advised us that we can order a few first and just order again once we finished. Hardheaded us, we still insisted for what we wanted. When the plate came, on it were about 150 pieces of sushi rolls which almost made us fall off our chairs. We stayed there for four hours just to finish everything. By the time we finished, we were almost crying, belts and buttons open and 10 pounds heavier. Went home, removed my shoes changed my clothes, said hi and good night to hubby. I was told that I snored like a drunken old man with a beer belly (more like a sushi belly) to boot. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Last note, it gets crowded during their buffet nights so better call up for a resevation. On our way out, there were 8 people waiting to be seated. Customer Service: Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ask them about their menu and they readily know the answer. Price: QR 123 for the buffet, excluding drinks Returning? Again and again P.S. Their phone no. is 4441 9898 and here’s the location map,+Al+Kinana+St,+Doha/@25.2778837,51.5036953,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3e45dac6c2fe9a81:0x8b0bec9c3af9919f?hl=en

Yee Hwa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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