Month: July 2015

Breakfast Buffet – Students’ Canteen in Education City

This review is going to be a short one as the canteen and it’s food are straight -on.  Choices are quite limited but hey, for QR 15, it’s a lot already and the food is decent for its price. They have the usual breakfast items:     eggs, sausage and salad but you can also find fried rice ( for my fellow Asians who are used to have it for breakfast), roasted potatoes and carrots, pancakes, breads, sticky bread rolls, fruits and hot and cold beverages.     The canteen is just past Weil Cornell University, I think it’s near the Female Student Housing. But I heard that there’s another canteen just near the Male Student Housing, too. Definitely going back to try their QR 28 lunch buffet. I was told that they serve a wide variety for food.

The French Olive – Barwa Al Sadd

Overall Review Located in one of the busiest streets of Doha, this restaurant still curiously makes you feel as if it’s hidden away outside of the city. And once you step inside, it just gets better. From the gorgeous tree trunk table as a centre piece of the interior decór to the floor tile patterns, everything whispers elegance without overwhelming guests.   Now for the food. What can I say? When you go to a beautiful restaurant, you automatically expect to be served visually and gustatory stimulating food. And boy, they didn’t disappoint! Every food item was a star on their own right. Perfectly cooked, delicately  seasoned, plated beautifully. Although the prices are a bit steep, I felt that it was definitely worth it for a special occassion or just random foodie splurge. Food Ordered: Arancini (Deep Fried Rice Balls) It was heavy enough to be enjoyed as a main course. Crunchy on the outside, soft rice,cheese, and mushroom inside.      Calamari Fritti Just your usual fried squid. I mean you can’t go wrong with it …