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Sushi Rolls – Oishi Doha (Made to Order)

Another short review here. I happen to chance upon Oishi Doha’s FB page. They make made-to-order sushi rolls and they have five flavors available: 

California Maki

Kani- Avocado Maki

Shrimp – Kani with Mango roll

Shrimp Teriyaki Tempura 

Spicy Shrimp Maki

Krab Tempura Maki


20 pcs – 2 flavors – 60 Qr

30 pcs – 3 flavors -90 QR

40 pcs- 4 flavors -120 QR

50 pcs – 5 flavors 150 QR

I ordered 3 flavors (Spicy Shrimp, California Maki, Shrimp Kani with Mango) and all of them were tasty. 

Overall Review:

The sushi rolls are quite good, like the ones that you can get from the ususal Japanese restaurants. For the price, I would say that it is worth it, 10 pieces for QR30. 

Customer service:

They don’t do deliveries however, as they located in Mansoura, it won’t be a hassle for most people to pick up their orders.


Yes, I’ll definitely order again. Here’s their FB page:

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