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Cheap Eats: The Rice Room – Gulf Mall Food Court

Finally! A “mainstream” Vietnamese restaurant has opened in Qatar! You don’t have to go to hotel for this one. The best part? It’s cheap and fresh.

I must say that the idea of this restaurant has got me excited and cautious at the same time. Is it going to be a good one? I had to find out as soon as I learned that it was open. So, I asked (i.e. dragged) one of my friends to join me in this foodieventure.

Ordered Food

Goi cuon shrimp (Fresh rice paper rolls with veggies with hoi sin sauce)


Can you make ’em bigger, please?


The rolls were good, it has a nice crunch to it and the sauce binds the flavors of the veggies. The only side comment about it is that they are very small, like two slim fingers. And if you look closely, you can almost see that there’s apparently a shrimp 😀

Go du du voi Bo (Green papaya salad with beef and peanuts)


Pièce de résistance (out of all our orders anyway)


Hands down, this salad takes the trophy out of our order. It has everything you I look for in a salad: freshness, flavor, and texture. It was delicious! The dressing is really makes all the ingredients come together. It may not look a lot but believe me, it is. They make a nice touch by using a strip of banana leaf as a sort of bowl underneath. This is a must to order.

Pho Bo Combo


I promise that there are rice noodles under those stuff on top


Now, the pho. I’m no expert but I have eaten at some really good Vietnamese restaurants and let’s just say it doesn’t have the “super wow” factor. But it is a pho. .The soup base itself was nice, it has a right amount of spices, although the I think that the meat made the soup a bit more greasy when it got a bit cold. The serving is good for one unlike some restaurant who serve noodle soups in a bowl you can swim in. But hey, for QR39, it’s not a bad choice at all especially if you’re craving it.

Customer Service Review

Well, actually the staff got our orders mixed up with someone else’s. But anyway, we happily accepted it (for now) as we were hungry.

Price Review

QR 100 for all including a bottle of water and can of soda.


Overall Review

My friend and I, and our stomachs left the food court happy. It’s nice to see that Qatar is now expanding its food scene especially that this restaurant is located at the mall and easily accessible.

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