Month: December 2015

Emirgan Sütis 1st Anniversary Celebration- Al Emadi Bldg., C-Ring Road

Yours truly got invited to Emirgan Sutis’ 1st anniversary celebration last 15th of December and man, basing from the food reviews I’ve seen of the restaurant, was I excited to go. Arriving 30 minutes earlier (beat the traffic, yay!) than the call time, I stayed outside to revel the on the chilly weather (which I’m really regretting, having the sniffles right now) and had a little chat with Jek and Lavanya of Al Siddiqi Hospitality. Then one by one, fellow bloggers like Allyson and Karen, Doaa, Khamsa, and Hala started showing up which made the event really lively. So here’s the menu (it may look short but the servings were humongous): And now, for the mandatory food pictures:           We didn’t have desserts which we thought was a bit of a letdown to think that after all that meat, our palates needed a change of taste. However, we got a takeaway goodie bag, which consisted of…if you guessed Turkish sweets, then you are right. A cute selection of baklava and a simit (Turkish pretzel) …

Quick  and Cheap Eats: Thai Smile – 1st. Flr. Lulu Hypermarket Barwa City

Ordered food: Seafood Tom Yum    Yam Nuer (Spicy beef salad) Seafood Pad Seeiew (Rice noodles with Thai soy sauce)    Lychee Iced Tea and Milk Iced Tea   Overall review: The taste of the food is just okay. Nothing special but tasty enough for us not to feel bad that we ate here. Price:  Returning? Meh, most probably as it is one of the nearest restaurants that’s not a fast food chain.

New menu tasting at Tamarind Indian – Lagoona Mall

I was lucky enough to get invited to another new menu tasting, now by the amazing Doaa of Hungry Birds Doha, partnered with Lifestyle Restaurants.  Located at the restaurant strip of Lagoona Mall, Tamarind Indian is small but with a posh design that gives the look of spaciousness. We were greeted by Sumit, Head of Marketing for Lifestyle Restaurants, who also handles other restaurants like Burger Gourmet, Copacabana, Royal Indian and much more.  I had the happy chance of seeing these lovely ladies; Gopika of Gop’s Gourmet , Manju of , Gayathri of The Veggie Patch Lady, Khamsa of Creativity with Kay, Inez of Inez_Qatar , Kim of Mama Baba Ghanoush, the fashion squad of Inez of Inez_Qatar, Allyson and Karen of Life with Karlly.I also got to meet new ladies; Sahr of The Oryx Land Life.  We started with the tasting menu presentation and boy it was a long one.   And now, the food pics in order of the menu:                             And yes, they look as good as they …

Al Mayass 2nd Anniversary Celebration – La Croisette Porto Arabia, The Pearl

Mr. QE and I got invited to the 2nd anniversary and new menu launch of Al Mayass Restaurant last Dec. 6.  It was a good chance to for us as we haven’t eaten there yet.  Located at the tip of The Pearl, this place offers an outside sitting with a very nice view of the sea.  We were greeted warmly by the restaurant staff and the Ali Bin Ali Hospitality marketing team who hosted the event.  The restaurant offers a mix of Armenian and Lebanese cuisines. We were served a wonderful array of mezze for starters:                        I didn’t get to take pics of the other mains as food kept on appearing on our plates! Thank you Al Mayass and ABA Hospitality team for the invite. We enjoyed the food so much that were planning to visit this place soon.  Ciao!

FoodbloggersQTR x Zomato Meet: A night of food, fun and new friends! 

Well, this is a very late post ( like it was since November 24) about the bloggers meet that was hosted by none other than the amazing, lovely, and lively Ms. Doaa Jabir, a.k.a Hungry Birds Doha and the energetic Ms. Hala of Zomato, together with Careem who provided a free drop off to the bloggers at the hotel for the event. Getting all the people to attend on weeknight (especially in Qatar and its traffic) is no mean feat so kudos to you, ladies! The event was held at the upbeat Spanish restaurant Aceite at Meliá Hotel.  For starters, we had this yummy spread of hor d’oeuvres        After introducing ourselves and mingling around, we proceeded to the dining table especially prepared for us by the lovely staff of the resto.  Check out tapas menu:    And the food…                 More than the food, I got the chance to meet familiar and new bloggers who are all beautiful: Allyson, the other half of Life with Karlly Lou of Live, Love, and Lou  Shamim …

Cheap Eats: Bread and Bagels – Left Wing Basement, City Center 

Located at the basement in one of Qatar’s oldest malls, this cute café offers different types of bagels (duh😏) and sandwiches (duh again😒). I ordered a blueberry bagel and iced coffee. The bagel tasted okay but, that’s that. It didn’t have that chewy factor that you’ve come to expect from a bagel.   Their coffee was a different story though. It was nice and strong. I was expecting the bagel to be really good and the coffee to be meh, but it was the other way around. For QR32, it did the job of satisfying my blood sugar but left my taste buds a bit broken hearted (budded?). I’ll try my luck next time with their sandwiches and pizza. Ciao!