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FoodbloggersQTR x Zomato Meet: A night of food, fun and new friends! 

Well, this is a very late post ( like it was since November 24) about the bloggers meet that was hosted by none other than the amazing, lovely, and lively Ms. Doaa Jabir, a.k.a Hungry Birds Doha and the energetic Ms. Hala of Zomato, together with Careem who provided a free drop off to the bloggers at the hotel for the event. Getting all the people to attend on weeknight (especially in Qatar and its traffic) is no mean feat so kudos to you, ladies! The event was held at the upbeat Spanish restaurant Aceite at Meliá Hotel

For starters, we had this yummy spread of hor d’oeuvres   

what is a food bloggers meet with out food bloggers taking food pictures


After introducing ourselves and mingling around, we proceeded to the dining table especially prepared for us by the lovely staff of the resto.  Check out tapas menu:

looking at this menu is making me hungry again

And the food…


liked the gazpacho, had a hard time eating it from a glass though!


didn’t get to taste this as I had to smoke as I was starting to get full


didn’t like this fish so much


Black paella, undoubtedly the best dish of the night. But we had to wipe our lips vigorously after eating it.


Torrijas is ❤️


a coffee from their lobby café to top it all of!

More than the food, I got the chance to meet familiar and new bloggers who are all beautiful:

Allyson, the other half of Life with Karlly

Lou of Live, Love, and Lou 

Shamim of Qatar Eating

June of Two Saucy Tomatoes

Gopika of Gop’s Gourmet

Shamli of Veggie Patch Lady

Gayathri of My Pressure Cooker

Nat of Lemon and Mint (hello again!)

Leila of Macaron and High Heels

And a lot of other of other wonderful bloggers whom I forgot to mention (or remember). Please forgive my brain, it can retain me faces but not names. 😫

I was and still am honoured to have been a part of this wonderful event, thank you very much Doaa and Zomato, for the invite. ‘Til the next food bloggers meet (which translates to “please invite me again!)!

Edit: I had to make some corrections on the names of blog owners as I have unwittingly jumbled them, sorry! 

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