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Guest Experience at The Address Hotel Dubai Mall – UAE

One Thursday night, Mr. Eats came up with a decision “let’s go to dubai tomorrow”, a trip was scheduled for the following weekend just became a spontaneous getaway. Planning and booking started by 10pm that night. There was no time for visa atrangement or even packing anything.

So, to makes things easy, we booked our arrival at AL Makthoum Airport, got visas-on-arrival and proceeded to head to the hotel.

After a 30-minute taxi ride, we arrived at The Address Dubai Mall by 9AM. Knowing that the check in time is 3PM, our plan was to drop off the bags ( small handbag and his work laptop!!) at the reception and head out to the Mall. We were surprised when the receptionist offered us different room type than our booking  (did it via with Burj Khalifa view and an upgraded package (originally bed and breakfast) to package with four meals served at the lounge, free laundry for couple pieces and airport drop on checkout. To top that, she asked an agent to accompany us to the lounge at 15 floor to complete our check in as the room is already avaialable for check in. 

Upon entering our room, we were so happy to find that it had an elegant setup, fully automated home system, a spacious bathroom and a Nespresso machine to boot. Now, were already feeling very pampered given that we were offered to check-in at an early time so we can relax before the battle arena called “The Dubai Mall” during one of its most hectic events; the Dubai Shopping Festival.  

After freshening up, we proceeded to the have out breakfast at The Club Lounge, one of the hotel’s five restaurants. It was a buffet restaurant but a very small one, like 3-4 variations of the food items. But, my dear friends, do not be deceived. Whatever they lack in quantity which you may be used to, they very much made up for the quality and taste of food. Very delicious. I liked the fact that they kept food servings limited so that you’d get to taste all of their offerings. Everything was good, especially the desserts and pastries. I almost cried out of happiness after taking my first bite of the apple croissant. It was like eating butter but a crunchy one with apple filling. Even the aftertaste in your mouth tasted like butter. 

So here are the mandatory food pics:

Friday breakfast 

Eggs upon request: over medium, please


Friday Dinner


The mains (l-r): grilled chicken, steak, lamb curry and rice


Hello, strawberry


the cute mezze


Fruit plate, mini or should I say micro cheesecake, and a scrumptious dessert shooter which has peach pearls that pops beautifully inside your mouth


yes, this is the amazing view from the lounge’s balcony.


Saturday Breakfast

The buffet had a more Arabic theme that morning but it was nonetheless very good.


Far left to right: bilila (whole wheat) with milk and foul medames, lamb makanik and chicken with mushroom sauce, grilled mushrooms, broccoli gratin, hash browns and cheese samosa


The bread and cereal section


Cold cuts, salads in jars, fresh fruits and French yogurt in jars and oatmeal shooters


Picture perfect food; smile!


We were so at home in this hotel that we felt a little bit sad to leave but it’s like we had this feeling that we’ll be back again.

So bill paid, luggage with the concierge; we headed out to the mall as we still had an hour to kill. And of course, we were late. We were ushered by the concierge and told us that our luggages were already stowed in the car and ready to go. I though that we’ll just have like, you know, a normal car to drop us off since it was a free. I mean a taxi will do. 

But no. It was a Mercedes-freaking-Benz. My husband and I were flabbergasted. Please excuse my ravings, that was my first time to ride in one. Like what else could be a better send off after that dreamy experience.  

Overall Experience


This was my second time to stay in a hotel in my whole life but this is by far a thousand miles ahead from what I have (experienced) in terms of overall guest hospitality. Even my husband, who has a wide experience in hotel living and even the hospitality industry also had the same conclusion: this is a great hotel in every aspect. They basically catered to our every need without batting an eyelash. 


Same as the hotel experience, we had a great one:

Food: Delicious, fresh and 

Food selection: Few but enough to satisfy your hunger

Restaurant ambiance: Posh without being intimidating

The only thing we had slight issue with is the coffee. It had a very strong bitter taste. My husband and I are big coffee drinkers and I for myself enjoy a double shot of espresso from time to time but what they had gave us the shivers in a bad way. 

Customer Service Review


There’s good service in hotels then there’s The Address Hotel Dubai Mall service. They were beyond courteous and friendly, it’s like they were…real. You don’t feel the “I’ll-be-nice-to-you-just-because-you’re-a-client” attitude with them at all. You know, those one who look at you first and assess if you can pay or not. I was expecting a snobbish staff or two but nada. None at all. 

Bravo, The Address Hotel Dubai Mall.

Price (Hotel)

AED 2,778++ for the Club Room. 

*Room rates may change depending on events and season.*

Meals and transportation were complimentary as mentioned earlier.


Room balcony view. Not bad eh?



You bet! Now, back to work to earn us some mucho dinero to come back to this lovely hotel.

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