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Cheap Eats Review: Tofu House – Bin Mahmoud (near the Indian Supermarket)

My eldest sister is a big fan of everything Korean; soap opera, food, appliances, skincare, anything you can think of! So, it wasn’t a wonder that she has been urging me to visit Tofu House for quite some time now, and we finally got the chance last week.

Located at one of the old towns of Doha, the restaurant looks non-descript and blends perfectly with the shops beside it. Except for the large signage bearing its name, you can easily pass it by. 

The place is small with only one table on the ground floor and sits about 30 persons max at the 1st floor. And boy, it was packed! We were the 4th in queue and there were about 5 after us. It’s good though, a packed place mostly means that they have a patronage which also means they serve good food. It’s bad because the waiting time is bound to make you cranky.

We finally got our turn to sit and wasted no time ordering. Food was served within 15 mins., which was surprisingly fast given the load they had that night. 

Food ordered:

Jjamppong (spicy seafood noodles)

Full-bodied and wholesome. The balance of spices and heartiness of their soup softened the obliteration of my tongue and melted the ice in my heart. 

Kimchi rice

It’s one of Korea’s version of fried rice. It was average for me, as I didn’t taste much of the kimchi ( fermented Korean vegetable side dish, typically napa cabbage).

Assorted fried (as they call it. It’s an assortment of seafood and veggies tempura)

This is so good that I can finish a whole plateful of it! It’s a combination of shrimps, squid rings, peppers and zucchinis. Munch, munch, munch until it’s gone.

Garlic chicken

Just like the “assorted fried”, this one is highly addictive. You can just absent-mindedly sit there with this chicken in front of you and next thing you know, it’s finished. It’s very scrumptious that I wanted to order another plateful to demolish. 

Udon (thick egg noodles soup) 

No pic as the kiddos lunged for it immediately. But from what little I’ve tasted of it, the broth was so flavorful you’d know they didn’t take any shortcuts in doing it.

*Just a tip when ordering, majority of their dishes have big servings and can be shared between two people (if one feels like sharing).*

Customer service

It’s not fancy and they don’t have that much serving staff in fact they only had 2 1/2 that time, one was server/cashier. So it was quite understandable that they didn’t get to attend to us quickly. At least they still tried their best to be friendly and smile at each customer. It’s the kind of place you just order, indulge in eating, and go. Simple.


It’s quite cheap. Their big serving is what makes this place easy on the budget. We paid about QR250 riyals for the above plus an extra rice, 2 big bottles of water and a Coke. 



Jal Meokkesseumnida!

**Edit: It was garlic chicken not sweet and crispy chicken that we ordered. Thanks to my sister who immediately pointed it out😊.

Tofu House Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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