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Review – Quick and Cheap Eats: Shades Café and Eatery (Doha Tower, West Bay)

I had a scheduled brunch date with my friend, whom we shall call Miss Independent, and was racking my brain on which restaurant should I bring her to. My criteria were:

  1. Somewhere quiet
  2. Preferably with a view of nature
  3. Somewhere with shaded outdoor seats
  4. Reasonably priced

It was no mean feat, with the multitudes of restaurants that meet most or all of the above. As I was thinking about it, I checked my schedule for the day and saw that I had to meet with Ms. Hala later in the afternoon. Then, I remembered one Zomato Meet-up (in Qatar, Ms. Hala is synonymous to Zomato and vice versa) invite a few months back (which I wasn’t able to attend) at this little place with a garden view called Shades Café and Eatery located at the Doha Tower (you know, that infamous bullet-shaped tower). So off we went.

Parking was a bit of a problem, so we had to leave the car somewhere and walk our way to the café.

We arrived and the place, oh the place.  The only thing missing were the sounds of flowing water and gentle swaying of bamboo leaves in the wind.  So relaxing!


Food Ordered

Penne Puttanesca 

This dish was simple and clean.  You know those foods that are cooked with the barest of ingredients but still ends up outshining all the other foods on the table?  This was what this pasta was all about. No frills, just pure goodness. This is one of the best QR30 that I have paid for.

The pasta I seriously considered marrying

Ciabatta Tuna 

I wasn’t able to taste this as I was having a love affair with my pasta but Miss Independent thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I trust her implicitly.


Oh, hello there Miss Independent’s arm!

Mille Feuille Vanilla

LUSCIOUS CREAM. Why so good?

The pastry cream was a good balance of delicate and sweet. We were literally groaning with happiness after each bite of the cream. The puff pastry was quite hard but the cream just made up for it.

Divine pastry cream. Puff pastry, not so much.


If you have been following my blog (first of all, thank you!), you will notice that I have a thing for tiramisu.  Along with French macaron, this is my  most favorite dessert to order. So, of course, we had to have it.  It’s was a just “meh”. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either; texture and presentation-wise it was decent but the deal-breaker was the lady fingers.  It didn’t have that strong kick of coffee flavor.  It was soaked, yes, but it seems that the coffee that they soaked it with was very diluted.


Tira-meh-su 😦


Customer Service

I saw only three (very friendly) staff at the counter and with the place getting quite t busy, I was expecting that there would be a bit of delay. But our orders were taken and served in 10 minutes tops. Despite the rush of office lunch time, the staff were very calm which went very well with their surroundings. I felt like I was in a spa, was just waiting for a gong sound.


We paid a total of QR159 for food, 2 cappuccino, and fresh orange juice. Not bad, eh?


Heck, yes.

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