Month: October 2016

Breakfast buffet at Al Terrace – Souq Waqif Botique Hotel Al Mirqab

Yesterday was one of those rare days that my schedule was a bit light, so I decided to explore a restaurant that I haven’t been to yet. But with the gazillions of options here in Qatar, I was left scratching my head on where to actually go. Aimlessly driving, I found myself in the vicinity of Corniche. And as you know, Corniche is more or less synonymous to Souq Waqif. And there I went. Randomly walking the streets, I checked Zomato for the options and decided on Al Terrace, a Lebanese restaurant at Hotel Al Mirqab which is part of Souq Waqif Botique Hotels. I initially thought that the restaurant was still closed but lucky me, it was just empty. For QR50 for the buffet, I just went on ahead and braved the unknown. The place itself has a spacious indoor and outdoor area. The indoor though was too dark for me, it made me feel like it was still 5am. Still the interiors were inviting, showcasing a picture gallery of Qatar’s past.   The …

Recipe: Tuna salad sticks

Salads can be a bit of a bore and a chore for me. I’ve racked my brains for ways to lessen the chopping, dicing, slicing and whatever -ing you can think of.  This salad takes the least time of preparation as it only requires two ingredients, aside from the dressing. Fits a lazy person like me!  Minimal preparation + low maintenance = my dream salad Tuna salad sticks Ingredients: 1 can tuna flakes (in oil or water), drained  1 Romain lettuce head, look for those with tightly folded leaves 1 tablespoon mayonnaise Sriracha (the volume depends on how hot you want it) Salt and pepper to taste Directions: 1. Separate the leaves from the base. Wash and pat dry 2. Cut the the thinnest part of the leaves, chopped them up and set aside . This will be mixed with the tuna later. 3. Mix the drained tuna, mayonnaise, sriracha and chopped leaves. Add salt and pepper as desired. 4. Lay out the mixed tuna on to the lettuce sticks. And you’re done!  Enjoy😊

Gadget Review: Bidafun Self(food)ie Light

Hello there! This post is not about food but if you’re a food blogger (or any blogger for that matter) or you just like taking nice pictures using your phone, I think this may interest you. I love taking nice pictures but I can’t really be bothered with bringing a DSLR with me all the time. I have much respect for those can do so, it’s a workout on its own! The main problem that I have when taking pictures is that, when it’s night time or when the lighting is very dim, my phone works overtime to get the clearest shot, which ends up with a lot of visual noise. So, I’m left with two options; 1) pray that the restaurant has great lighting or 2) ask my companion to turn on their phone flashlight for me. I’ve been racking my brain on how to go about the lighting aspect when an Amazon shopping spree hit me with the answer: a clip-on selfie light! After a fine-toothed comb search, I found the best one …