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Breakfast at Eggspectation – Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar

Friday food ritual for many people in Qatar can be categorized into two: breakfast or brunch.

As my family prefer early morning breakfast, we usually head out from home at around 9:00am. Too early on a weekend? Nah, and the restaurants here are a testament to that.

Three weeks ago, we decided to try out Eggspectation. We were expecting it to be fairly busy so we took our sweet time going there. Arrived at around 9:30 and man, what greeted us there was like lunch time on a weekday. It was full to the hilt with a 15-minute waiting time.

The place was bustling and the staff were zooming in and out like busy bees. Exactly 15 minutes later, we were seated and our orders were taken. So, given the crowd that they had, we were expecting that the food will take time.  But we were so happily wrong, it arrived in less than our waiting time.  Hmm, things were looking good.


The place has a very nice buzzing vibe. The interiors are spacious enough for people not to rub shoulders. Their simple and homey design makes one comfortable but it’s chic enough to give it that modern feel to it.

Then there’s the food…

Food Ordered

Southwest Sunrise

Hubby had this one and he happily wolfed it down in a blink of an eye. It must be really good because he’s really picky with food.


This baby was mine and I loved every single bit of it. And can we just take a moment of silence for that wonderful brioche? I just wanted to kiss the hand of the baker who made it.

Cheddar Omelette

Mi unica hija had this and she adored it. I don’t know what’s up with this place but they managed to make a simple Cheddar omelette to be upscale. Really now, what magic is this?

S’mores French Toast

It’s that fantabulous brioche again. With Nutella and marshmallows and a side of banana drizzled with chocolate sauce. And the maple syrup. THE maple syrup. La pièce de résistance.


As busy as the place was, the staff was able to do crowd control very efficiently.  And they were as courteous and friendly as one can be even though there were some unreasonable clients who just came and does not want to wait. They handled things professionally.


It was a bit pricey unlike other breakfast joints we’ve been to, we had a total bill of QR 310:

Southwest Sunrise – 60

Eggstravaganza – 75

Cheddar Omelette – 50

2 Capuccino – 38

1 Nutella hot chocolate – 24


Heck yes! It was worth every single bit of riyal that we paid for. It has totally eggceeded my eggspectation. A case of love at first bite. Go Canada!

Eggspectation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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