Month: January 2017

My favorite falafel sandwich in Qatar

If you’ve read my previous post, I mentioned that that restaurant is having my second favorite falafel sandwich. You wanna know where my ultimate favorite is from? *drumroll* …It’s from Gad in Mathar Qadeem! Oh my Gad! This Egyptian restaurant’s falafel sandwich is to live for. It’s filled to hilt, messy to eat and you just get this feeling of wanting to give up but just can’t because it’s so good. I’m raving about this because I’ve eaten a loooot of them from various restaurants and none ever made my tastebuds feel this way. Yep, that’s fa-love-fel, my friends. The place is nothing fancy; typical family restaurant-type wherein you go in to eat and out once you’re done (think in the lines of Turkey Central Restaurant). Haven’t actually eaten there yet but did order for take-outs. And yes, their other foods like the tarb (Egyptian style kofta), kofta, kebab, lambchops are also muy deliciosó. Now, now let’s go back to the sandwich. The falafel they make is the thin type but full to the bite …


Breakfast: Moon Marina – Dar Al Salam Mall

“Where do we eat?” My hubby automatically gives me the task of deciding where to eat. Ugh, I dread this question everytime my family and I are out. So many restaurants come into my mind that I can’t decide on one. We just came from the Industrial Area to get our car fixed.  Dar Al Salam came into mind as it was on our way back. But which restaurant? Then I distinctly remembered seeing Moon Marina, a restaurant offering a mix of Qatari and international dishes, which opened last year and I’ve yet to visit. So there, we went. With all the breakthrough of different cuisines here in Qatar, it’s nice to see that there are establishments who are promoting the Qatari way of cooking. What was once an obscure cuisine in its own country and can mostly be found at homes, Qatari cuisine is now slowly making itself known to expats and tourists alike. Ambiance The inside of the place is simple with clean designs and pastel colored chairs to contrast the stark white …