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JG Sandwich Cellar: Ras Abu Aboud St.(Sana Signal)

Friday. It’s that time of the week for a late morning start and hearty breakfast. Since laziness is the theme of the day, hubby and I decided to eat out instead of dirtying our pans and plates.  The pick for this weekend is JG Sandwich Cellar at Ras Abou Aboud St.. It’s like the British counterpart of Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (and their both in the same area).     Unlike Ric’s, this place wasn’t packed, in fact we were the first ones to come in. But what I like about it is that the design has more character. From the table covers to the framed old newspaper clippings and the paperbacks for your reading, I just loved it. And the food was just was cooked just as you would request it.   All in all, it was a very lovely morning, with a lovely breakfast and served by a lovely staff. Lovely, eh?            It’s worth waking up at 8am for this, trust me.  Enjoy!