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High Tea: Gourmet House at Kempinski Residences and Suites, West Bay

My elder sister and I finally found the time to hang out and chill. And being sisters, when we say “bonding”, we mean eating. But the question was: buffet or a la carte? Being that 4PM was too early for dinner and we just had lunch, we decided to go for a high tea at Gourmet House.  The interior of the café was tastefully done, it gives you a feeling of space eventhough it’s just a small area.        And the food displays were a sight for the hungry eyes.         We ordered the set for 2 and didn’t know what to expect.  According to the menu, it includes two of either tea or coffee and a three-tier tray of finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Sounds promising already. It took a while to bring food but it was a sight to behold.  The cakes and sandwiches were really good and it was a lot more for two people. Another thing, their hot drinks are free-flowing. Price-wise, you’d be hard-pressed to find a high …

Cheap Eats: Bread and Bagels – Left Wing Basement, City Center 

Located at the basement in one of Qatar’s oldest malls, this cute café offers different types of bagels (duh😏) and sandwiches (duh again😒). I ordered a blueberry bagel and iced coffee. The bagel tasted okay but, that’s that. It didn’t have that chewy factor that you’ve come to expect from a bagel.   Their coffee was a different story though. It was nice and strong. I was expecting the bagel to be really good and the coffee to be meh, but it was the other way around. For QR32, it did the job of satisfying my blood sugar but left my taste buds a bit broken hearted (budded?). I’ll try my luck next time with their sandwiches and pizza. Ciao!

Cheap Eats: BreadTalk – 01 Mall Abu Hamour

Short Overall Review Located just beside the cinema area of the mall, this bakery and café is gives you a nice break from all those noisy and overcrowded coffeshops in the city. It offer both sweet and savory breads and cakes for a cheaper price than the usual. Although this is the 2nd BreadTalk (?) store here in Qatar, its interior is much better than it’s Salwa Rd. counterpart and more inviting for a sit-down eating.     Their breads and cakes variety may be small but what they lack in quantity, thay make up for the taste and quality.    I like that their cakes and not sickeningly sweet that you would usually get from cheap cakes.  Haven’t tasted their savory breads but I’m looking forward to it.     Price QR 15 pax (approx.) Returning? Definitely. Especially for their Tiger Rolls 🙂

Lina’s Paris – Ezdan Mall

Food Review: After a tiring stroll in the mall, my friend and I decided to have our coffee and dessert before we go.  We decided to end our day at Lina’s.  We didn’t get to try any of their food except for their coffee and profiteroles. Let me tell you, it’s the best coffee that I’ve had in Qatar so far. Boy, they do know how to brew. Cappuccino and macchiato – amazing! You can taste a hint of caramel and earthiness in the coffee. Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream filling and chocolate sauce – the serving is good for two people (or one if you’re feeling selfish).  It was served to us and we immediately fell in love with it.  The chocolate used seems a lot but most probably they used semi-sweet chocolate since it didn’t add that much sweetness to the puff and ice cream.  Which was great because every item on the plate complimented each other. Customer Service Review: Their staff are well-dressed and very accommodating, to think that we came at …