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My favorite falafel sandwich in Qatar

If you’ve read my previous post, I mentioned that that restaurant is having my second favorite falafel sandwich. You wanna know where my ultimate favorite is from? *drumroll* …It’s from Gad in Mathar Qadeem! Oh my Gad! This Egyptian restaurant’s falafel sandwich is to live for. It’s filled to hilt, messy to eat and you just get this feeling of wanting to give up but just can’t because it’s so good. I’m raving about this because I’ve eaten a loooot of them from various restaurants and none ever made my tastebuds feel this way. Yep, that’s fa-love-fel, my friends. The place is nothing fancy; typical family restaurant-type wherein you go in to eat and out once you’re done (think in the lines of Turkey Central Restaurant). Haven’t actually eaten there yet but did order for take-outs. And yes, their other foods like the tarb (Egyptian style kofta), kofta, kebab, lambchops are also muy deliciosó. Now, now let’s go back to the sandwich. The falafel they make is the thin type but full to the bite …

Review – Quick and Cheap Eats: Shades Café and Eatery (Doha Tower, West Bay)

I had a scheduled brunch date with my friend, whom we shall call Miss Independent, and was racking my brain on which restaurant should I bring her to. My criteria were: Somewhere quiet Preferably with a view of nature Somewhere with shaded outdoor seats Reasonably priced It was no mean feat, with the multitudes of restaurants that meet most or all of the above. As I was thinking about it, I checked my schedule for the day and saw that I had to meet with Ms. Hala later in the afternoon. Then, I remembered one Zomato Meet-up (in Qatar, Ms. Hala is synonymous to Zomato and vice versa) invite a few months back (which I wasn’t able to attend) at this little place with a garden view called Shades Café and Eatery located at the Doha Tower (you know, that infamous bullet-shaped tower). So off we went. Parking was a bit of a problem, so we had to leave the car somewhere and walk our way to the café. We arrived and the place, oh the place.  The only thing missing were the sounds …

Cheap Eats: BreadTalk – 01 Mall Abu Hamour

Short Overall Review Located just beside the cinema area of the mall, this bakery and café is gives you a nice break from all those noisy and overcrowded coffeshops in the city. It offer both sweet and savory breads and cakes for a cheaper price than the usual. Although this is the 2nd BreadTalk (?) store here in Qatar, its interior is much better than it’s Salwa Rd. counterpart and more inviting for a sit-down eating.     Their breads and cakes variety may be small but what they lack in quantity, thay make up for the taste and quality.    I like that their cakes and not sickeningly sweet that you would usually get from cheap cakes.  Haven’t tasted their savory breads but I’m looking forward to it.     Price QR 15 pax (approx.) Returning? Definitely. Especially for their Tiger Rolls 🙂

Breakfast Buffet – Students’ Canteen in Education City

This review is going to be a short one as the canteen and it’s food are straight -on.  Choices are quite limited but hey, for QR 15, it’s a lot already and the food is decent for its price. They have the usual breakfast items:     eggs, sausage and salad but you can also find fried rice ( for my fellow Asians who are used to have it for breakfast), roasted potatoes and carrots, pancakes, breads, sticky bread rolls, fruits and hot and cold beverages.     The canteen is just past Weil Cornell University, I think it’s near the Female Student Housing. But I heard that there’s another canteen just near the Male Student Housing, too. Definitely going back to try their QR 28 lunch buffet. I was told that they serve a wide variety for food.