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Donburi with a side of Kaizen – Wagamama Ezdan Mall

I’ve always liked Wagamama dishes (except for the ramen) especially their curry. So, imagine my happiness when I was invited there way back for the launch of their revamped menu, following the guidelines of Kaizen. But what is it? To make it short, Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.  By incorporating it in their restaurants, they have minimized the menu to the bare essential info , making it less confusing what to order. And the new food offerings, I must say, are delicious. Here are some of the highlights of that night: Their starters: edamame, gyoza, mushroom onigiri and chili squid. The mains: Teriyaki donburi (my favorite!). Look at all that food 🙂 The steamed hirata bun. This one is amazing, I can eat ten of it in one go.  The desserts: Banana katsu: my ultimate favorite dessert from Wagamama. The chocolate wasabi cake. It was good but I can barely taste the wasabi in it.  So, if you don’t have any ideas on where to eat this weekend, why not head over to …

Review: Lunch Buffet at Maison de Sushi – 01 Mall, Abu Hamour

Tucked at the 2nd level corner of 01 Mall, lies Maison de Sushi. With the striking Japanese design and tubular aquarium with cheesy but cutesy fake fishes and plants at the entrance, you will definitely not miss seeing this restaurant.  Once you step in, you will be immediately greeted by the staff in their Japanese kimono. The design of the place left me mildly shocked (in a good way) as I wouldn’t have thought that this is inside a mall and beside a food court. Hanging wisteria-like paper flowers, lamps ( a lot of them) covered the whole ceiling. Then there’s this massive painting spanning the whole length of the wall. I think it was made for this restaurant as the paper mats have the same drawings. Their attention to details is shown with how they decorated the tables with cast iton teapots, carved chairs, tablewares, etc.  I had the chance to speak with the owner of the restaurant as he was making rounds on the tables and he said that he wanted to merge …

Sushi Rolls – Oishi Doha (Made to Order)

Another short review here. I happen to chance upon Oishi Doha’s FB page. They make made-to-order sushi rolls and they have five flavors available:  California Maki Kani- Avocado Maki Shrimp – Kani with Mango roll Shrimp Teriyaki Tempura  Spicy Shrimp Maki Krab Tempura Maki Prices:  20 pcs – 2 flavors – 60 Qr 30 pcs – 3 flavors -90 QR 40 pcs- 4 flavors -120 QR 50 pcs – 5 flavors 150 QR I ordered 3 flavors (Spicy Shrimp, California Maki, Shrimp Kani with Mango) and all of them were tasty.  Overall Review: The sushi rolls are quite good, like the ones that you can get from the ususal Japanese restaurants. For the price, I would say that it is worth it, 10 pieces for QR30.  Customer service: They don’t do deliveries however, as they located in Mansoura, it won’t be a hassle for most people to pick up their orders. Returning? Yes, I’ll definitely order again. Here’s their FB page: